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Save Money by Supplementing Plants with a LED Grow Light

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Grow lights are the best way to get plants to reach their full growth, but they can be expensive to run for 12 hours every day.  To save money, use a LED grow light for the first and last two hours of the light cycle.  This means you are only running your regular grow lights for 8 hours instead of 12, which could save you hundreds of dollars over the lifetime of your plants.

Which LED Grow Light Should I Purchase?


When you are choosing a LED grow light for your plants, you should take into account the color of the light produced.  A red light is great for plants that are leafy and do not produce flowers, such as most herbs and lettuce.  Blue light is ideal for flowering plants, such as tomato and cucumber.  You can even get a mixed light that will supply both types of light with a single unit.

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