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Can I Use a Grow Box Inside My Home?

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When you are ready to start your garden, it can be easier to control the temperature of your plants if you place your grow box inside your home.  All you need is a good source of artificial light and a well-ventilated room.  The reason for the ventilation is to make sure that you are able to control the humidity inside the box.  Plants need a good amount of humidity when they first start growing, but you will need to decrease the amount when you are getting ready to move them outside your home.

Removing the Smell from My Grow Box

You may notice that there is a smell coming from inside your grow box.  This is normally caused by the natural decay of matter in the soil that makes the food for the plants.  You should try ventilating the box to release odors and increase air circulation.  Never use an air purifier, because it will remove the carbon dioxide from the air, a gas which plants use in order to perform photosynthesis.

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