While most people think that fluorescent lights are the cheapest lights to operate, that would be a mistake.  While they are one of the least expensive alternatives to powerful grow lights, such as metal halide or high-pressure sodium, they are still more expensive than LED lights.  This is because the fluorescence comes from passing electricity through an inert gas that is trapped within the bulb.  On the other hand, they do produce more usable light than LED lights and may make your plants grow faster.


Which plants grow best under Fluorescent Lights


This can be a hard question because, even among the same types of plants, some may respond to one type of light while another prefers a different type.  The best way to determine if your plants will thrive in fluorescent light is to use this light on your plants.  If the leaves start to turn yellow and droop, then immediately remove the plants and get them into natural sunlight.  You may also notice some plants, especially ferns and broad leafs, tend to close their leaves when the light shines directly on the plant.  This is because these plants prefer shaded areas and close their leaves for protection from evaporation, only opening them when the sun is behind clouds, so they can channel the rain to their roots.

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