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Can I use a Grow Box to start my regular garden?

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Using a grow box to start your regular garden is a great way to let your plants reach a specific stage of maturity before they are exposed to the elements.  Many plants will survive conditions that are not ideal, as long as they are firmly established.  By using one of our boxes, you can let your plants reach this stage of maturity before they are planted in the ground and exposed to your particular climate.

Use caution when starting plants in a Grow Box

Remember, just because your plants are thriving in a grow box, you still need to be aware of your local climate.  If the plants are a species that cannot live below a certain temperature, make sure you do not take them out of the box and plant them in the yard until your climate has reached that temperature.  Planting them too early can cause them to die, due to the shock to their system.

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