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I need Tattoo Guns for each employee

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Running a reliable tattoo parlor usually means you will have more than one employee.  This can cause problems with customers waiting, if you only have one tattoo gun for everyone to share.  Instead of just purchasing one gun, you can get enough tattoo guns for every employee in your store.  At our discounted rate, you can purchase anywhere from 2 to 8 guns at less than half the price of normal retail establishments.

Using Tattoo Guns for the first time

The hardest part about getting new tattoo guns is that you do not know how they will handle when they are being used on a client.  With our kits, you get a piece of practice skin, which is invaluable to new artists.  This skin reacts the same way as human skin when used with a tattoo gun.  You will be able to see how the gun handles before you ever start using it on a live client.

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