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Choosing the correct Studio Lights for your business

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If you want to be a photographer, then there are certain items you will need to create sellable photographs.  While many photographers are taking photos as an expression of their artistic creativity, you also have to be able to earn a living.  Either this can be accomplished by taking photos for paying clients or, companies with products to promote or people who want you to create portraits.  In either case, you will need the correct studio lights to match your subject.  There are two different types of lights available and each is best with a specific type of client.

Which studio lights are best for my subjects

Here is where you have to decide which type of photos you will take to earn a living.  When taking photographs of still items, such as products for marketing campaigns, then you need a steady light without a flash.  This is to help you adjust the lighting to remove any shadows that could hinder the customers’ view of the product.  If you are taking more photos of moving items, such as people, then your studio lights should include flash capabilities.  This is because moving things will create odd shapes under steady light.  A flash light makes a strobe effect, giving your subjects the illusion of standing still for the camera, creating steadier photographs.  In either case, you can use the umbrella lights or the soft box lights, whichever suits your personal preference.  Just make sure that they can be adjusted for both flash and continuous lighting, so you will always have the best light for your next subject.

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