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Can I Use T5 Aquarium Lighting For My Fish Tank?

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When you look at T5 aquarium lighting, you are looking at the size light bulb that the hood can use.  This is not a specific type of light, but a hood that can be adapted to almost any type of fish tank.  You only need to make sure that the light is the correct size to fit the tank, normally 24 to 36 inches across.  Larger tanks often have a central support so you can use two lights to cover the larger area, such as two 36-inch lights to provide cover for a tank that is six feet across.  The only other consideration is the type of bulbs you place in the light, which will be determined by the type of fish and material you have in your tank.







Getting the right type of bulb for my T5 Aquarium lighting

There are two different types of fish tanks available, saltwater and freshwater.  These tanks can house different types of fish and plants.  Saltwater tanks can hold tropical fish, such as clown fish and damselfish.  They can also house corals and other types of invertebrates found in the ocean.  These tanks need light that is closer to natural sunlight because the corals use photosynthesis to create extra food.  You may also have additional creatures, such as anemones, that can use sunlight to produce extra food.  For freshwater tanks, if you have a fish only tank, then you only need enough light to brighten the tank.  If you have plants in the tank, then you will need something strong enough to stimulate the plants to perform photosynthesis.

In this case, blue actinic lights provide the right balance of color to give the plants all the light they need to thrive.  These blubs also provide the correct colored light for saltwater tanks and the plants and animals that need sunlight to thrive.  You may want to combine the blue actinic lights with white fluorescent lights to give the plants what they need to survive while supplying the fish the light they need to see.


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