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Creating An Artificial Winter For Your Indoor Plants Using Grow Lights

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Some plants need to have a winter period where they become dormant to produce fruit and flowers the following year.  When you have indoor plants, you may have problems because the temperature is controlled and the plants do not get a true seasonal change.  Instead of trying to move your delicate plants in and out of the house, which can be harmful to both the plants and your back, try using different types of grow lights to simulate winter.  Use a lower power light for the first 2 to 4 hours of the day and for the last 2 to 4 hours of the day.  Gradually increase the time that the plants are getting full light and then will start to go dormant to prepare themselves for winter.


Why do Grow Lights have such a profound effect on my plants cycles


They will think the sun is rising later and that it is giving off less light, which is the natural cycle during the winter months.  The only thing you may have to do is lower the temperature, but that can be accomplished by the same method.  Most heat is produced by your grow lights, so turning them on later and off sooner will lower the temperature of the air surrounding your indoor garden.

This is a great way to prepare plants, such as poinsettias that have to have complete darkness for 45 days to achieve their red leaves, before placing them in their winter storage.  Even bulb plants, such as crocus that need to almost freeze before they will bloom, can be tricked into thinking it is winter and go dormant.  Then you just place the plant in an appropriate location (a refrigerator for the crocus or a dark closet for the poinsettia) and wait for spring, when you can start the cycle over again.

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