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Do I Need a Grow Light for Every Indoor Plant?

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If your home has large windows that face south, then you may not need to have a grow light for your indoor plants.  There are also several varieties of plants, especially ferns, which can grow fine under normal household lights.  On the other hand, if your home has windows that face north, or you want to put a plant in a room with smaller windows, then you will probably need some type of artificial light to keep them healthy.  There are several varieties of lights available, each of which has its own benefits and costs.  The type of light you have should be based upon the type of plant you are growing.

How Do I Choose the Best Grow Light for My Plants?

The different types of grow lights available offer different types of artificial lighting.  If you have tropical plants, such as exotic species from Hawaii or South America, then you will need something that is as close to natural sunlight as possible.  This would be either high-pressure sodium lights, or metal halide.  Both of these lights give off large amounts of lumens, but they are also correspondingly more expensive to operate.  If you have plants that are used to less direct light, or are listed as growing in partial shade, then you can use LED lights.  These lights give off fewer lumens, but also use a very low amount of electricity.  The type of light you use should be the minimum necessary to ensure your plants are strong and healthy.

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