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Lower your electric bill using alternative Grow Lights

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It is a great thing to help your indoor plants thrive by using grow lights, but the high cost of operating either high-pressure sodium or metal halide lights is difficult for most families to afford.  One alternative that works well for both the plants and your electric bill is to alternate using LED light with your more expensive HPS or MH lights.  The easiest way to do this is to use a variable timer, such as those available for salt water or reef fish tanks.  What you do is set your LED lights to come on first thing in the morning and stay on for two hours.  When they shut off, you switch to your more powerful lights and leave those on for the four to six hours necessary for your plants.  At the end of this cycle, you turn the LED lights back on for the final two hours of the day.  This simulates sunrise and sunset, lowers your electric bill and gives you plants more natural lighting periods than pure HPS or MH lighting options.






How long do I use Grow Lights for healthy plants

Plants have to have eight to ten hours of light every day to maintain optimum health.  This is why the alternative of LED grow lights can be used to cut down your electric bill.  They replace four hours of conventional lighting with a lower cost alternative and can cut the usage of your high-powered lights in half.  If you do not have the ability to set a timer for two different sets of lights, you will have to use a manual setting or just change your plants to complete LED lighting.  With the new types of LED’s available, your plants can get all of the same benefits and you can enjoy lush foliage with a minimum of external cost.

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