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Do You Carry Tattoo Kits for Beginners?

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While there are no specific tattoo kits for beginners, we do have some items in our current kits that can help a new artist just starting in the business.  The first things that come in our kits are two pieces of practice skin.  This is a type of synthetic material that allows the artist to feel what it will be like to use the gun on a live person.  One of the pieces has a design already inked into the skin: a tiger.  This allows you to get the feel of the new gun and practice techniques, such as shading and layering colors.  You also get a wide selection of ink colors, which is ideal when you are not sure which one best fits your design.  You can experiment with the different colors on the practice skin to see how they will actually look when they are used on a client.

Any Other Advice on Using Tattoo Kits for Beginners?

Once you are ready to start working in the tattoo business, you will need to do a few things.  First, you will have to purchase your own tattoo kit.  Beginners should also look for a local parlor that will allow them to do a type of apprenticeship.  You can work with seasoned professionals, to see how they create art for their clients, and pick up ideas to use when you have your own parlor.  They may let you work with their equipment, but it shows more confidence to have your own kit and supplies.  You should also work with friends and family members, before you try working with a paying customer.  They will be more forgiving of any mistakes, and you will not be losing a customer because you made a minor mistake on a permanent piece of art.

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