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How Can I Use LED Lights for the Holidays?

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There are several ways to use LED lights for the holidays.  If you want to accent certain parts of your home, then our LED Christmas lights let you place ropes of color at specific locations.  You can use them under the eaves, across the gables or even around your flowerbeds.  You can even make your home appear as a winter wonderland, by putting lights along specific parts of your yard.  You can create designs, words or religious symbols in your yard, made entirely out of light.

You will need to coat the joints and connections with a waterproof compound because our lights are not waterproof at the ends.  You do want to make sure that you hold the lights down with some type of metal tie, so that you can still mow the lawn, without damaging the lights.  They are even great to accent your driveway and make a landing strip for your favorite Christmas visitor.

How Many LED Lights can I String Together?

There is no limit to the number of LED lights that you can string together.  Because each of our lights strands is 50-feet long, you should not have to use more than one or two for most projects.  Because they are LEDs, they only use a minimum amount of power, operating at a working wattage of only 27 watts per hour.  This is almost ninety percent lower than regular Christmas lights.

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