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Do you need different colored Photo Cube?

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A problem that many people have is they purchase a photo cube, thinking they will only need one for all their photos.  Each cube has a different colored background and you may have to change colors to make your photo really pop.  Using a red background to take a picture of a red object is a bad idea.  Instead, you should use a blue background so that your red item stands out of the picture.

Can I afford a different color Photo Cube?

Because we have prices that are so much lower than retail, you can purchase an extra photo cube to avoid the problem of colored backgrounds.  This lets you use a different colored cube for each item.  You can avoid conflicting colors, such as a bright orange object on a red background, or colors that appear the same on film, such as a blue item with a blue background.  This lets you make each item stand out without spending a fortune on equipment.

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