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Where should you install Flag Poles for your Home?

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When you install a flagpole for your home, it is important to keep in mind any aerial obstructions.  You want to make sure that the pole is away from overhead power lines and cables.  You may also want to avoid being too close to trees that may grow branches that contact your pole.  This can lead to sap from the tree dripping down the pole and damaging your flag.

Choosing the front or back yard when installing Flag Poles for your Home

There are certain criteria for choosing whether to install flagpoles for your home in the front or back yard.  The first are the neighborhood restrictions.  Many homeowner associations limit the location of a pole that is over a certain height.  You also have to choose the location that is most aesthetically pleasing.  While you may prefer the pole in the back yard, it may make a better statement to be in the front of the home.

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