Starting a new garden is a lot of work.  First, you have to plan the garden by finding a place in your yard that is reasonably flat and can offer decent drainage for your new plants.  You also have to check the soil to make sure that it does not offer too much drainage and will hold moisture for your plants.  Then, you have to prepare the soil, normally with a tiller or a garden hoe.  Finally, after everything is completed, you get to place your plants in the bed and hope everything goes well.  The problem is that many people place seeds in the ground and hope that there will be enough sunlight for the seeds to germinate.  Instead of depending on the weather, you could use high-pressure sodium lights to start your seeds inside your home.  This type of light is very close to natural sunlight, and gives your new plants the best chance of starting healthy, before they go into the ground.

Can I keep my plants under High Pressure Sodium Lights year round?

While many people like to use high-pressure sodium lights to start their garden plants, you can also leave the plants inside and allow them to go from seed to fruit.  This is because an HPS light is the closest product you will get to natural sunlight.  You can even grow tropical plants under these lights, as long as you keep the air humid and at the correct temperature.  The most common problem with growing these types of plants is that, while they have the correct amount of light, the temperature in the room drops below 70 degrees or they are placed under an AC vent. The vent will blow cold air on the leaves, which causes them to turn brown and die.

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