If you do not have enough money to purchase metal halide or high-pressure sodium lights, then you may want to consider using LED grow lights.  LED lights may be considered a cheap grow light, but they do provide all of the necessary frequencies of light that your plants need to thrive.  Because they use the least amount of electricity, they are ideal lights to use when you want to have thriving plants inside but have to work under a pretty strict budget.  While it is possible to get the same type of growth with natural light, many people do not have enough southern facing windows in their home to grow most plants effectively.  The other benefit of using LED grow lights is that you can adjust the type of light provided to the plants as needed.

Getting the most out of Cheap Grow Lights

People who are on a budget but still want plants in their homes often go for cheap grow lights.  The least expensive lights are LED lights, but how do you use them to the maximum benefit of your plants?  The answer is simple – you just have to use specific colored lights during different stages of your plants growth cycle.  When your plants are all leafy, you want to have a red light.  When they start to bear fruit or vegetables, you want to switch to a blue light.  You can also get one of our lights that have both red and blue on the same grid. This gives your plants the type of light they need, no matter what phase of their growth cycle they are in.

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