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Get Everything You Need with a 600w HPS System

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If you want your plants to receive the best possible array of light, then you may want to consider installing a 600w HPS system.  This type of system uses high-pressure sodium bulbs to deliver light that is almost identical to natural sunlight.  We offer complete kits that have everything you need to install this type of lighting system for your home garden.

They come with the 600-watt bulbs, which can last up to 24,000 hours and are strong enough to penetrate fog, so they are ideal for plants that have to be in a high humidity environment.  Our kits also come with the electronic ballast, which are low noise and pass all FCC and CE certifications.  You get a reflector that directs the light in the proper direction and a timer that can help you regulate when the lights turn on and when they shut off.  This is a great way to control the electrical usage of the grow lights and can help you save money on your utility bills.

How to Save Money When You Have a 600w HPS Light

The main complaint from people who have a 600w HPS light system is that it costs too much every month.  To avoid this high cost, consider supplementing your HPS lights with LED lights.  These are some of the least expensive lights to run, and they can be used for the first and last two hours of your growing day.  Most plants need 10 to 12 hours of light, but with the LED lights, you can cut your HPS light time down to 6 or 8 hours.  Just use the LED lights for the first two and last two hours, which simulates sunrise and sunset, and your electric bill will go down, but your plants will still be healthy.

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