The first part of any gazebo to receive damage from weather and time is the roof.  Instead of replacing the shingles, you can install a gazebo replacement canopy.  This will give your gazebo years of further use and add a touch of beauty to an older gazebo.  You can install a canopy over an existing gazebo frame; all you need are the measurements of the outer dimensions.

Installing your Gazebo Replacement Canopy

When you order a gazebo replacement canopy, you need to make sure that the canopy will fit the outside dimensions of your gazebo.  To install, all you need to do is stretch the canopy over the outside of the frame and attach the Velcro tabs.  The canopy is designed to attach easily and to withstand normal weather.  There is even a ventilated top to prevent wind from removing the canopy and give you proper ventilation for warm summer days.

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