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Getting the Best Saltwater Aquarium Lighting is Easy

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Many people believe that you need special lighting when you have a saltwater aquarium.  Lighting for these tanks is actually easier that you might expect.  We offer a combination light that has both blue actinic lights as well as a metal halide light for simulated sunlight.  The blue light can enhance the colors of your fish and give the tank that cool blue color that is prized in indoor aquariums.  The metal halide light provides enough light for the plants to perform photosynthesis, so you will not have to worry about keeping the tank near a window to provide enough sunlight.

Why do I need metal halide for Saltwater Aquarium Lighting

The reason you may want metal halide for your saltwater aquarium lighting is that it can provide the correct balance of light for your corals to thrive.  Saltwater tanks often need several different types of organisms to operate efficiently.  While you can have a fish only tank, you may want other species to help you keep the water and sand clean.  One of the best sand cleaners is the sea cucumber, but it has to have a steady source of light to remain healthy.  The metal halide is strong enough to penetrate to the bottom of the tank, something that is almost impossible in larger tanks with just fluorescent lighting.  It also allows you to have living plants in the aquarium, which gives your fish extra oxygen and helps remove excess waste from the soil at the bottom of the tank.

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