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Getting the most out of your Photography Light system

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When you set up your studio, you may want to use natural light for your photographs.  This is the best type of light available and makes all of your subjects appear natural.  Because sunlight is the best source of light available, then you would want large windows and would want to move your studio to a location where there are equal amounts of light and dark every day, such as on the equator.  Since these requirements are almost impossible for the average photographer, you have to use a type of photography light to simulate sunlight.

Which Photography Light best simulates sunlight

The only way to answer that question is truthfully.  Almost any of our photography lights can be used to simulate sunlight.  This is because; all light gives off a similar wavelength.  The bulbs for photography lighting are designed to give off the full spectrum of light, very similar to sunlight.  You should not use fluorescent lights, because these give off too much blue light and can make your subject appear pale and pasty.  One of the best options is to look at our eight light kits.  This kit gives you two different types of umbrella lights, so you can have slightly different shades of light for photo effects.  Each of these umbrella lights has four bulbs, so you get a bright, continuous light that eliminates shadows and softens sharp contrasts.


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