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How does a Grow Tent help me make a beautiful garden

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The hardest part about starting a new garden is getting everything to germinate together.  Many people like to start their garden from seeds purchased at the local supermarket.  The problem with this is that, unless you have a very long growing season, you will need to start your plants well before they actually should be placed outside.  Even after the threat of frost is over, the air may still get too cold for your plants to germinate and begin producing leaves.  You can have a longer growing season using a grow tent at the beginning of the year.

The Grow Tent makes it easier for plants to germinate and withstand colder evenings

Plants have three different stages of germination, each of which has different needs and requirements to develop healthy plants.  The first stage of germination is when the seeds first swell and begin to produce a root.  Plants need high humidity during this stage, which is easier to obtain by keeping them in a warm, enclosed space, such as a grow tent.

The second stage is the primary stage, where they make the first one or two leaves and the roots are just being established.  This stage requires consistent light and no frost or colder weather.  This is because the plant is just starting photosynthesis and needs to have enough care that the leaves are not damaged.

The third stage is the tertiary stage.  This is where the second set of leaves has appeared and the plant is ready to be transplanted.  This phase is when the plant is established itself with a complex root system and is ready to be placed in a garden or outdoor planter.  Sensitive plants may still need some extra care during abnormal weather, but overall, these plants are now ready to live without the protection of a tent of greenhouse.

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