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Grow Lights for Indoor Plants Come in Different Colors and Wattages

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There are several things you will want to check when you need grow lights for indoor plants. First, you will want to make sure you get the correct color. Lights come in different colors, which are used for the various stages of plant development and growth. Some light models, like LED panels, can include multiple colors all on the same panel, so you can switch between colors as your plants grow. Another thing to determine is the wattages of light required. Higher wattage bulbs can give off more heat, which can damage your plants when you use the wrong wattage. Finally, you will need to figure out how far above the plants to place your lights. Some lights, like LEDs, give off a small amount of heat, so they can be placed closer to the plants without damaging them.

Increase Brightness of Grow Lights for Indoor Plants with a Reflector

You may have problems growing certain types of plants, even when using grow lights for indoor plants. The reason for this could be that the lights are not creating enough light. Your initial thought might be to get higher wattage bulbs to make conditions brighter. However, higher wattages often also result in higher temperatures being given off. This can create problems for some of your plants, which are not able to handle the increase in heat. Some types of plants do require more light, but not necessarily hotter conditions. This can be achieved using a grow light reflector  instead of higher wattage bulbs.

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