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Hydroponic Supplies Are Needed to Set Up a Hydroponic Grow System

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There are different methods which you can use to grow plants indoors, which range from using traditional soil based method to hydroponics. Hydroponics do not use soil to grow plants. Instead, water is circulated through an enclosed system which delivers nutrients directly to plant roots. Using this method lowers the chance for plants to develop diseases, and often results in much healthier plants. Typical hydroponic supplies include plant trays, fertilizers, covers, PVC pipes, filtration systems, water pumps, grow lights, and grow tents.

Air and Water Filtration Systems Are Types of Hydroponic Supplies

The types of hydroponic supplies you need to set up a filtration system can include both water and air passed filters. During germination periods, your seeds will be covered, which means they need fresh air flow. Air filtration helps to keep a constant and steady flow of fresh air. You will need ventilation fans, exhaust fans, carbon filters, ducts, and inline duct booster fans, depending on your exact setup and size of your grow area. Ventilation fans force fresh air in, while exhaust fans draw air out and away. Carbon filters are used to remove impurities from the air, such as dust, pet dander, and mold spores.

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