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Have happy customers with our Tattoo Gun Kits

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With our tattoo gun kits, you will always have happy customers.  When customers enter your shop, they want to receive the perfect tattoo.  They do not want to wait for you to find the right color ink or compromise on their design because you do not have the proper ink for that tattoo.  Our tattoo gun kits come with a selection of inks in several different colors.  This means you will always have the right color for every customer.

Have happy employees with our Multi-Tattoo Gun Kits

Our multi-tattoo gun kits offer you a gun for every employee.  Your employees will be happy knowing that they will not have to share their equipment.  Knowing that no matter what time they come into work, there will always be a gun ready for them to use makes it easier to schedule multiple employees during your busiest times.  They can also schedule their own clients and know that their personal equipment is waiting for them when they arrive.

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