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Do you offer a Tattoo Gun Starter Kit?

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All of our tattoo gun starter kits are available to the general public.  Even if you are an amateur artist and work out of your home, our kits will provide you with everything you need to start creating art.  They come with enough material for you to create up to 50 tattoos.  This means that you will not have to order more supplies for a while and you will be able to work with safe, sanitary tools.

What comes in a Tattoo Gun Starter Kit?

A tattoo gun starter kit comes with, of course, the tattoo gun.  It also comes with grommets, rubber bands and rubber rings.  They also come with a supply of high quality sterile needles.  This is important to protect the health of your artists and your customers.  You get a supply of ink and enough ink cups to handle several different clients.  Depending on the volume of your business, you may not have to order new supplies for several weeks, allowing you enough time to start making money before you have to start spending.

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