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Helping your staff with several Tattoo Guns and Kits

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When you have a staff of artists, you want to have several tattoo guns and kits available.  This allows your artists to all work at the same time.  You will be able to service your customers faster and achieve a shorter wait time for your walk-in clients.  Your artists will also be happy to have their own gun, so they will not have to share and worry about scheduling clients without overlapping with other artists.

How many Tattoo Guns and Kits should I purchase?

When you are trying to calculate the number of tattoo guns and kits to purchase, you need to keep in mind the number of artists who will be working in your parlor.  The best rule to use is to have one gun and one kit for every artist.  That means if you have four artists in your shop, you should have four different guns available.  This also lowers customer waiting time, because your staff can create four pieces of art at once.

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