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I need better Studio Lights

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There are two different types of studio lights available, both of which offer diffuse lighting.  The first is the soft box light.  In this type of lighting, the light source is behind a white material that gives you more diffuse lighting.  The second is the umbrella light.  This light has a reflective source on the inside of the umbrella that reflects the light onto the subject.  Both types of lights give you indirect lighting, which gives you clearer photos and removes harsh shadows.

Best Prices for Studio Lights

Studio lights can be some of the most expensive pieces of equipment in your photo studio.  We offer a complete selection of lights that are priced well below retail.  With discounts of up to 67 percent below suggested retail, we allow you to have the lights you need without ruining your budget.  You can even purchase extra lights, so you can do multiple sessions across different areas in your studio – without having to move the lights every time you set up a new shot.

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