The more time you have to spend at home, the more time you have to better yourself. Many people are using their time in the house to brushing up on old skills and learning new ones. 

Whether you’ve practiced in a band when previously or simply wanted to create your own music or broadcasts, we know the professional setup that will save you money.  

A Professional Microphone 

Although your laptop or computer can do many things, it likely will not be able to pick up the quality of sound that you may need for your music or podcast. Be sure to get a well-built microphone to keep a sharp and clear sound. Before you buy your speaker consider the following:

  1. The size and echo in the room
  2. The power supply
  3. The frequency response range 

Speakers and Headphones 

Not only is it important for you to sound great, but you also have to be able to hear the music as well.

 If your studio is used for sound DJing or any other hobby that may have an emphasis on the value of the song, then you should probably get yourself a nice pair of headphones as well as professional speakers. Here are some things to consider before buying a speaker: 

  1. Portability 
  2. Sensitivity 
  3. The difference between full-range and component speakers speakers 

A Pop Sheild or Filter 

A pop shield is a microphone attachment that blocks out unwanted noises. They are important to have because they will save you hours of editing. 

An Audio Mixer 

Audio mixers are used to process music for live concerts, broadcasting audio, or television and film productions. 

An audio mixer can be used to combine or mix different audio in a process called layering and can give new opportunities for interesting sounds and songs to be made. 

Finding the right audio mixer for your studio is a tough decision. Before you buy your system, you should consider: 

  1. Analog vs Digital vs Software Mixers 
  2. The direct output  
  3. Inserts, groups, and buses  

    Backup Electrical Equipment 

    You’re going to be spending a lot of time at your studio and probably be using a lot of electrical equipment. A quality surge protector can protect your electrical devices from unwanted voltage increases. 

    A voltage surge can damage your equipment and cost you hundreds of dollars.   

    Your Instrument

    Whether you’re using a computer, musical instrument, or the sound of your own voice how you create your content is also very important.   

    Be sure to take care of your tools by keeping them in neat places. This is important to remember as musical instruments and studio equipment can be very delicate and expensive. 

    Always place your instruments either back in their cases or back on their stances to avoid unwanted accidents or injuries.  

    Practicing your hobbies is not only healthy for the mind but can improve symptoms of depression such as the inability to sleep. Use this time to work on your happiness and appreciate yourself.