Live Stream Tips and Tricks 

If you’ve ever been interested in live streaming your own show from home, now is a good time to start. These days, live streaming has become a way of life as many people use it for school, work, and socializing. However because the process is fairly new, it does take some time to get used to. In this article, we will learn some tips and tricks to putting on the best live stream show. 

How to Choose the Best Photo Backdrop

The background of your show is likely the most important element. You may choose to create a spot in your home where you are comfortable filming, or you can forget all that and get yourself a photography backdrop. These tools are easy to use and most importantly they let your creative mind soar. Host your podcast from the surface of the moon or on a tropical island. Some professionals even use the backdrop to insert their logos or products they are advertising. 

What Kind of Camera Do I Need?

This all depends on what you are filming. Most shows can be filmed on a laptop computer or with a simple smartphone. However, if you are filming a more theatrical or complex show you may need to use a more advanced camera. Regardless of what type of camera you decide to use it is important to keep the camera steady in order to get a focused image. A great way to do that is to get a camera stabilizer. 

Do I Need Photography Lighting

 Yes. Proper lighting is very important when it comes to any production. If you don’t have adequate lighting your show will look dull and unprofessional. Use quality photography lighting to give your skin a healthy and clear glow on camera. Professional lighting will help to blend any blemishes you may have and make you look more vivid and alive. 

Audio Tips For Streaming

In addition to having a good quality picture, you also want your show to have perfect sound. Therefore having a microphone is necessary. Depending on what type of show you have, your sound needs may vary. While some musicians and live performers prefer to use a microphone and speaker, radio and talk show host may prefer to use a smaller microphone and headset. Regardless of which type you decide, be sure to test your sound before going on live film. 

TheLAShop Tips On Live Streaming    

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