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How do I use Photo Cubes to sell items online?

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The first thing you have to do is make sure that your items fit inside your photo cubes.  Items that are too large will block the light coming in through the panels, causing distracting shadows.  After you have the correct sized cube, all you have to do is place the item in the center, adjust the lights, and take your picture.  The cube has a solid colored background, so there will be no annoying images behind your object.

How Photo Cubes save you from background images

The main thing that photo cubes do is remove background images.  When you are taking a picture next to a wall or on the floor of your home, you may not notice a small flaw in the background.  A crack in the wall could appear to be a loose thread on a shirt you are trying to sell.  A wine stain on the carpet could appear to be a leak from a vase you are listing online.

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