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Replacing the roof on a Hardtop Gazebo

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When you have a hardtop gazebo in your yard, it can become damaged because of the weather.  This can lead to leaks and cracks in the top, making you replace the entire roof.  Instead of putting another hardtop on your gazebo, you can use one of our replacement canopies.  These costs much less than hardtop replacement and are more resistant to rain, sun, and even snow.

Choosing a Hardtop Gazebo Replacement

Replacing your hardtop gazebo with one of our canvas canopies can make your gazebo last longer.  All you have to do is make sure that you get the correct sized cover.  The sizes listed are the dimensions between the support posts.  Always measure from the outside of the posts so that your cover the entire gazebo area.    Because our tops are water resistant and block UV rays, they will give you years of dry protection from the sun as well as look beautiful in your yard.

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