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How expensive is an LED Grow Light?

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We offer you savings of over 50 percent off the regular retail price for a LED grow light.  This allows you to purchase enough lights for your entire indoor garden at a fraction of the cost of regular retail stores.  Because these lights use such a small amount of electricity, they are considered the best grow light for small indoor gardens and people who are on a budget.

Which LED Grow Light is best for my plants?

There are two different types of LED grow light available.  The first delivers light in the red spectrum, which is the best light for plants that are flowering.  The second delivers blue light, which is better for plants that are primarily leafy varieties.  The third, and most useful for the amateur gardener, is the combination light that delivers both types of light.  This is great for plants that start out as leafy plants and then flower when they are producing fruit or vegetables.

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