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Working with lights in your Grow Box

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A grow box is a simple structure that lets you control the temperature and humidity inside the box.  It is used to start plants for later planting, hydroponic gardening and for plants that require a more controlled climate, such as tropical varieties.  The only thing you need to consider when you are installing a box is the type of light that you are going to install.  You need to install lights that will allow your plants to thrive without giving off too much heat and harming the leaves.

Which light to use inside your Grow Box

There are several different types of grow lights available and almost all of them would work inside a grow box.  If you are growing plants that require a higher temperature, then you may want metal halide lights, which give off the most light and the most heat.  If you are operating on a budget, then you may want to consider LED lights, which have the lowest operating costs of all the different grow lights.

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