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How many Tattoo Guns do I need for my Shop?

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When you own your own tattoo shop, you will need to make sure you have enough tattoo guns for every member of your staff.  They should not have to share guns, because when one artist makes adjustments to the gun, it can affect another artist’s ability to work.  You may also want to purchase one or two extra guns, in case one stops working and you need to send it out for repairs.

Do you offer Tattoo Guns as part of Kits?

We have complete tattoo kits that include the tattoo guns and everything else you need to start working.  We even include needles, ink and practice skin.  This last item is important because it lets you see how the new gun works before you start using it on a client.  It is also good practice for new artists who are just learning the trade and do not feel comfortable creating art on live clients.

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