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Can I use a Grow Box inside the House?

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You can use a grow box inside your house as long as you have enough room and enough ventilation.  It is important to have adequate airflow around the box and into the room.  Plants need to breath, just like people, but they breathe carbon dioxide and exhale oxygen.  They need to have a constant supply of air to survive, just like people.  To ensure your plants get the best air possible, you should vent the box outside and use a fan to move the air through the box.

How can I vent a Grow Box outside from inside the house?

The easiest way to vent a grow box outside is to place it near a window.  You can purchase a cover for the window that is a solid piece.  You can use a dryer vent hose to connect the air portals on the box to a hole you cut in the window cover.  Then all you need is a small fan to place on the inside of the box to keep the air moving from outside into the box.

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