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Best Grow Lights for Hydroponics


The best grow lights for hydroponics may be fluorescent lights.  Because these plants are not grown in soil, they must get their nutrients from either the water or the light source.  Fluorescent lights have a higher power output, allowing your plants to produce more chlorophyll.  This means that your plants will be able to produce more food, grow faster and be healthier than plants with other types of grow lights.


What is Hydroponics?


Hydroponics is the science of growing plants in a water nutrient solution.  The water contains all of the chemicals that the plant needs to produce food.  The nutrients for the plant can be controlled with this method and there is no run off of the excess nutrients into the ground, eliminating pollution from fertilizers.  Your plants that are grown in this system need some type of artificial lighting to achieve full growth.  For a complete selection of lighting available, visit The LA Shop online.


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