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Hydroponic Systems

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What are Hydroponic Systems?


Hydroponic systems are ways to grow plants without the need for soil.  The plants are grown in fertilizer that has been dissolved in water.  This allows you to control the amount of nutrients that are in the medium, giving you better control over the growth of the plants.  You also need a source of light for the plants, as sunlight is hard to regulate.  Plants grown with hydroponics need between 10 and 14 hours of light per day, depending on the type of plant.


Benefits of Hydroponic Systems


Hydroponic systems offer you several advantages over growing your plants in soil.  It lets you regulate the type of nutrients that are entering the plant.  It also gives you the ability to see the root growth, so you know if the plant is healthy or needs some extra care.  You also control the amount and type of light for the plants, promoting faster growth and healthier blooms.  Visit The LA Shop online for a complete selection of hydroponic equipment.

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