When people purchase plants, they often have to learn the best way to grow them indoors.  This can cause a problem, however – if you purchase a plant that requires high amounts of direct light, you may not have sufficient light in your home for the plant to thrive.  The best thing to do is to purchase your growing lights at the same time you purchase the plants.  There is a period of adjustment when plants translate from natural to artificial light, and it is easiest to do when the plants are early in their growth cycle.  If you wait until the plant shows signs of low light, such as drooping leaves and wilting foliage, then you may have waited too long for the plant to recover.  If you are growing your plants from seeds or cuttings, it is always better to start with artificial light, even if you plan to move the plants outside when the weather permits.  Plants can adjust to natural light very easily, but have problems coping with the limitations of artificial light. This is especially true if they are already having problems.


Growing lights can help you have healthier plants in your garden


One of the best ways to start a new garden is to plant your seeds inside and let the plants start out under artificial light.  Growing lights can be used to help your plants get started. They can help establish a good root system before they are placed in your outdoor garden.  This also lets your plants start with controlled temperatures, insuring that they achieve their full growth before they are placed outside.  After your plants have achieved their secondary leaves and have a complete root system, they will better withstand the differing temperatures that they will encounter when they are placed outside.  This also stops late frosts from harming your new plants. This can save money, as you will not have to replace plants that might otherwise be hurt by a late season cold snap.


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