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Inventory your home with a Softbox

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Using a softbox can help you take inventory of your home.  This type of photo lighting lets you remove harsh shadows by providing indirect light.  This makes identifying marks – such as serial numbers – easier to see.  It also lets you control the direction of the light, so you can take photos from different angles with only minor adjustments of the lights.

Eliminate shadows with a Softbox Light

Dark shadows can make it hard to get good photographs of your subjects.  Using a softbox light lets you take photos of everything from people to flowers, without the harsh shadows created by direct sunlight or flash bulbs.  Using indirect light gives you the control to take photos of people and objects, without them looking damaged.  We have all seen photos taken in direct sunlight that make the subject appear as if they are missing limbs or facial features.  Indirect light lets you remove these harsh shadows and gives you a cleaner photograph.

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