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Is Hydroponics good for all types of plants?

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Not all plants will grow will when you use hydroponics.  This is because of the type of roots that the plants have.  The best kinds of plants for this type of growth medium are ones that have a spreading root structure.  Certain types of trees and root vegetables, such as carrots and potatoes, have to grow in soil because the feeder roots grow straight down – they could become waterlogged during the growth cycle.

Can I grow flowers with Hydroponics?

Most of your flowering plants will do well if grown with hydroponics.  This is because they have a natural root system that spreads out during the growth cycle.  They take in most of their air from the leaves, and only use the roots for nutrients and water.  This makes them ideal candidates for using a hydroponic system. Flowering plants also adapt well to a liquid growth base.

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