This is actually a very common question because most people have no idea how to grow vegetables inside their home.  They think that vegetables grow best outside in a garden that is open to direct sunlight.  This is actually not true because some vegetables may grow better under artificial low lighting, such as what you get with LED grow lights.  This would include the vegetables that actually produce an edible fruit or vegetable. However, this does not include leafy vegetables, such as lettuce and cabbage.  This is because the leafy vegetables require more light to develop their full flavors.  If you insist on growing these plants inside, then you will want to have a higher-powered light source, such as a HPS or metal halide light.

There are different colored LED Grow lights, which one should I get?

The answer to this question is simple; you should purchase the LED grow lights that match the type of plant you are growing.  Plants with a large number of leaves need to have red light to perform photosynthesis, while plants that are flowering or making fruit need blue light to help transport the nutrients directly into the fruit or vegetable.  Red light is also the preferred light for herbs because you only use the leaves and do not want the plants to go to seed.  We offer a variety of LED lights that have both blue and red on the panel. That way, you can have the same light on all of your plants and will not have to change because a plant starts to produce flowers.

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