The hardest plants to grow in northern states are tropical plants from near the equator.  Most people understand that the plants have to be kept at a constant temperature – they also need to stay inside, especially during the winter months.  The problem is that people do not always understand how much light is required for these plants to thrive.  While you can get away with a lower powered light, such as fluorescent, when you are growing tropical ferns, most other plants need a stronger source of direct lighting, such as the 600w HPS lights.  This is because ferns grow under the forest canopy and are used to receiving very little light. Other types of tropical plants need more light because they are used to growing in clearings and on higher elevations.

What other plants can benefit from a 600w HPS grow light?

There are several species of plants that can benefit from a 600w HPS light.  One of the most common is the cacti plants of Central America.  These plants often receive 12 hours of direct sunlight every day, so they will not grow well under lower powered lights.  They are used to high temperatures but very low humidity.  If you have a high humidity growing room, you should be careful about growing these plants because the excess moisture in the air can make the bottom of the plant soft, causing it to develop rot and collapse under its own weight.  You can also use this type of light for any plant that is listed as growing in full sun.  The only difference between the plants is the amount of time you will leave on your light, but it should never be less than 8 hours, and the ambient temperature of the room.  The temperature should be as close as possible to the temperature of the plant’s native location.

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