While a grow box does not have a thermostat and a central air unit, you can still do a lot to control the temperature inside the box.  The easiest way is to use the air vents that are located near the top of the box.  These allow the outside air to mix with the air inside the box.  Unless your outside air is very warm, you can use this method to cool the box and make it ideal for desert plants.

There is another little trick that works with desert plants growing in areas of high heat, such as the southern states.  After the sun goes down, dump about 20 ice cubes around the outside of the pots.  This will cool the air immediately around the plants without introducing moisture into the soil.  Your plants will notice the cooler temperature but will not develop root rot because of too much additional water in the dirt.  You can also connect a small air conditioner to the grow box and manually cool the air every night, but this can raise your electric bill higher than you may want.

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