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Owning multiple Grow Tents to grow different types of plants

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Many people believe that grow tents have only one setting, warm and humid.  While they are often used to produce this type of environment, it is not necessarily the only one available.  Because different plants need different amounts of light and humidity, you may want to have multiple tents to take care of all your plants different needs.  You could have one tent that has a high humidity level for tropical and sub-tropical plants.  These types of plants would include items such as palm, ferns and flowering species like bird-of-paradise.

You could have a second grow tent that has very high heat but almost no humidity.  This is ideal for desert types of plants such as cacti.  These plants would rot if they had too much moisture and they should be kept dry unless you are planning to stimulate blooming.  You do have to remember that deserts only get heavy rains once or twice a year, so keep the watering to a minimum.

How do I get plants to bloom inside my Grow Tents

When you are ready for your plants to bloom, especially exotic varieties, remember to set the temperature and humidity to the ideal conditions for the plants.  Your grow tents should contain the humidity level that would exist at the plants natural location during the spring.  You may need to do some extra research to make sure that everything is ideal for your plants.


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