Everyone knows about posting items online to sell, when they are no longer wanted by a family.  The problem is that, when people post photos of items, they do not take into account the background and possible lighting problems.  With light tent photography, you can take photos of objects without worrying about the problems mentioned above.  Instead of having an embarrassing wine stain on the carpet, making your old vase appear to have a leak, you could have a solid colored background, instead.

You can also control the lighting so that you eliminate shadows; this prevents your teddy bear from having the appearance of missing limbs and allows you to photograph the finer details of your items, without shadows interfering with the viewer’s perceptions.  This also eliminates the problem of background images being considered part of the item, such as a wall with a design being mistaken for a second piece of cloth in a photograph of a shirt or a pair of pants.

Choosing the Right Background for Your Light Tent Photography

It is important to use the correct background, when using light tent photography.  You must make sure that the background is the opposite of the color of the item that is the subject of your photo.  It would not look good to have a red item with a red background; you would lose too many details and the outside of your item would look like it had blended into the background.

One of the best options is to use either black or white for your background.  Light colored items appear better with a contrasting background of black, and the same is true for dark colored items.  If your item has a couple of different colors, such as a black and white stuffed animal, then you would want to use a true colored background, like blue or red.  This eliminates the problem of color bleeding and gives you a clear picture of your intended subject.

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