When you are choosing the type of lighting kit to use, it is important to take the subject of your photograph into consideration.  A live subject needs to be captured with a flash, while a stationary subject appears better looking with continuous lighting.  This is because live subjects are always moving, even if it is only by shifting slightly when sitting.

A flash system makes everything appear to be perfectly still in your photograph while still giving the illusion of movement, which makes your photos appear more lifelike.  Stationary objects are subject to sharper shadows, because of their lack of movement.  This is why continuous lighting is better, because it can be adjusted to remove the shadows before you snap the photograph.

Which Lighting Kit is Best for My Studio?

There are also two different types of lighting kits available: the umbrella light and the box light.  Both of these offer indirect lighting and can be adapted to both flash and continuous light, but they are best used in different situations.

Umbrella lights are usually better to use when taking photographs inside, because they are not competing with natural sunlight.  They give a diffuse light through reflection and may be overwhelmed by natural light.

Photo boxes give the same type of diffuse lighting, but they are stronger, because the light only passes through a thin piece of cloth and it is not reflected light.  This makes them better when you are taking pictures outside and need something to compete with natural sunlight.

There are certain types of photographs that would benefit from each type of lighting, and you should also consider your own personal preference when choosing the lighting kit that would work best for your interests.

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