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Preserving my 8×8 Gazebo from the weather

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One of the most damaging things for any type of gazebo is weather.  The sunlight, rain and snow can cause your gazebo to experience early deterioration. Our gazebo covers are designed to block UV rays, protecting your family and your frame from sunlight.  They are also waterproof, so you will not have to worry about water collecting under your canopy.

Benefits of our 8×8 Gazebo Cover

Our 8×8 gazebo cover is made with a PA coating.  This helps the cover block UV rays and makes it waterproof.  They also come with a zippered ventilation top, so you will have proper airflow and less chance of wind damage.  It is pierced by 16 grommets, so that water will drain properly away from the center and towards the edges.  They also come with Velcro tabs, so installation and removal are easier.


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