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Recover the Roof of Your Madaga Gazebo

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If you have a Madaga gazebo and the roof has started to wear from weather, you may need to replace the gazebo canopy. The easiest way to do this is to purchase one of our replacement tops that are sized to fit your gazebo. Most gazebos by Madaga are ten feet by ten feet, so you want to purchase a cover that is the same size. Our covers are designed to have a small overhang, so you do not want one that is smaller than your current frame because they will not stretch to fit your gazebo.

Protecting your Madaga Gazebo

The main things that can cause damage to a gazebo cover are weather and the elements of the outdoors. When you purchase a Madaga gazebo it comes with a canopy but it may not block UV rays or be resistant to water. Our replacement covers help you protect your gazebo by blocking harmful UV rays that could damage the finish. Our covers also resist weather, which could cause your outdoor furniture damage and result in the need for replacement.

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