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Restore your Aluminum Gazebo for the Summer

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If you have an aluminum gazebo, you may want to put a new cover on it for the summer.  Our replacement covers are made from waterproof polyester, which makes them ideal for open areas in your yard.  They also have a PA coating that blocks the harmful UV rays.  This lets you enjoy your gazebo without having to worry that you will get wet or burned by the sun.  They are ideal for almost any location, because of their resistance to both extremes of summer weather.

Where Should I Install an Aluminum Gazebo?

The best place to install an aluminum gazebo is away from the house in a flat area of the yard.  The reason to keep it away from the house is that rainfall will run off the roof and could cause water to collect against your foundation.  It needs to be in a flat area so that it will not tip over or collapse while you are using the gazebo.

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