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Saving Money with LED Grow Lights

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One of the most expensive parts about growing plants indoors is providing them enough light to achieve optimum growth.  LED grow lights offer you a solution to the problem of high-energy bills.  LED lights use the smallest amount of electricity of any of the grow lights.  They only consume about $1 per day, compared to some lights that can use up to $20 per day just for the electricity.  They are also some of the longest lasting lights, saving money on bulb replacement.

What type of LED Grow Lights do I need?

Plants use different wavelengths of light during different phases of their growth cycle.  They use red light when they are in the early leafy stage and blue light during the blooming stage.  With LED grow lights, you can have both colored light provided with one element.  Our LED lights offer you a panel of both red and blue lights that can provide the correct type of light during your plants entire life cycle.

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